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Autophagy in Alzheimer’s disease

Abstract Autophagy is a vesicle and lysosome-mediated degradative pathway that is essential for protein homeostasis and cell health. In particular, compared to nonneuronal cells, neurons are dependent on high basal autophagy for survival. There is emerging agreement...

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Autophagy and cancer

Abstract (Macro)autophagy is a cellular membrane trafficking process that serves to deliver cytoplasmic constituents to lysosomes for degradation. At basal levels, it is critical for maintaining cytoplasmic as well as genomic integrity and is therefore key to...

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Fasting: The History, Pathophysiology and Complications

Abstract An appreciation of the physiology of fasting is essential to the understanding of therapeutic dietary interventions and the effect of food deprivation in various diseases. The practice of prolonged fasting for political or religious purposes is increasing,...

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