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Hyperbaric medicine now being used for anti-aging

TAMPA (WFLA) - There is some incredible research going on in the Tampa Bay Area with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that includes cognitive enhancement, and anti-aging at the cellular level. Hyperbaric medical specialist Mario Caruso of Undersea Oxygen Clinic in Tampa...

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Ageing in Humans Reversed with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

From CEO Magazine: Ageing, which happens over time in humans, has been biologically reversed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy, according to new research published in the journal Aging. Scientists, led by Yafit Hachmo, from the Research and Development Unit, Shamir Medical...

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Would you brave an oxygen capsule to banish wrinkles?

Article from Daily Mail discusses Sarah Barclay's experience getting Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for anti-aging HBOT, in a nutshell, is concentrated oxygen — 97.5 per cent oxygen, as opposed to the 21 per cent in ordinary air — delivered under increased atmospheric...

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