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What is Fasting?

Many diets focus on what to eat, but fasting focuses on when to eat. Two types of fasting include water fasting and intermittent fasting.  During water fasting you consume zero calories. This can be done for several days. Water fasting is the most strict, but can reap...

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Oxygen therapy can kill cancer cells available in Mexico

Alternative treatments for cancer do exist.  Consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy has different treatment methods that are designed to stifle tumors and cancerous cells using oxygen. There are different ways of applying these treatments that range from...

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Lung Health Day – October 26, 2022

Lung Health Day, on the fourth Wednesday in October — October 26 this year, is celebrated in Healthy Lung Month. “As easy as breathing” is a phrase that exemplifies the effortless way in which humans (and all other species on planet earth) take in one breath after the...

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