Background/objectives Chondroradionecrosis (CRN) of the larynx is a rare and grave complication of radiotherapy which can be fatal if not managed aggressively. A recent trend towards organ preservation protocols towards even advanced stage laryngeal malignancies and with further advances in terms of technology and safety radiation as external beam and intensity modulated varieties are preferred for certain stages of squamous cell carcinomas. Materials and methods We are reporting a series of 4 cases of CRN of the larynx treated in our hospital with 3 cases of stage III carcinoma glottis and one stage III carcinoma supraglottis with no nodal metastasis. One glottis cancer had 2 sittings of laser microlaryngeal excision earlier. All were in grade 4 CRN and one improved with medical line and HBO and the other 3 progressed and salvage laryngectomy and pectoralis major myocutaneous flap to cover the fistulous skin defect was grafted. Laryngeal CRN being a rare and intensely morbid complication of radiotherapy should be suspected and diagnosed at the earliest by endoscopic and imaging methods. Disease progression and chances of tumor recurrence should be followed up with PET CT and a call on salvage laryngectomy with repair of the anterior neck defects with non irradiated musculocutaneous flaps or vascularised tissue transfer should be promptly taken.

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