Long-term COVID-19 sufferers can get some relief thanks to Restore Health & Longevity in Wayne, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.

Devon resident Dave Shollock had been feeling sick and tired long after his bout with the virus. He endures headaches every day, along with heavy brain fog and fatigue.

Shollock was one of an estimated 30 percent of COVID-19 survivors who are struggling with long-term effects from COVID-19, according to the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

He is one of the many Restore clients who have seen huge improvements with the pure-oxygen chamber that provides a feeling akin to flying or scuba diving.

“Because the body is under increased pressure, the oxygen can enter cells much more efficiently,” said Gray.

After using the chamber, “all my symptoms were gone,” said Shollock. “I’m so glad I took Dr. Gray’s advice. I’ve felt like my old self ever since.”

Article cited from Vista Today