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Ask the Doctors: HBOT a potential treatment for long COVID-19

Dear Doctors: I got COVID-19, which wasn’t too bad. But now I’ve got long COVID. I’m exhausted all the time, my heart races and I’ve got brain fog. It’s derailing my life. I saw on the news that the method for treating scuba divers with the bends works for long COVID....

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Hyperbaric Chamber Hood Saves Doctors Life During Pandemic

During the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, Dr. Morton Altwerger fell ill with Covid-19. He struggled with severe symptoms, his breathing became difficult, and ended up at Phelps Hospital emergency room. Knowing the mortality risks of being ventilated, he opted for...

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HBOT News Network Podcast: Elena Schertz & Extivita RTP

Elena Schertz, NP of Extivita-RTP in North Carolina, discusses how her clinic is actively healing the injured and sick with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), including veterans, sports athletes and COVID long-haulers. She explains the proven benefits of HBOT – what it...

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