Michael’s HBOT Experience

Michael’s HBOT Experience From PTSD Struggles to Renewed Hope with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy “The treatment has allowed me to think logically over reacting emotionally, and I’ve reduced my reliance on medications. While I know I’ll never be the...

Garrett’s HBOT Experience

Garrett’s HBOT Experience Garrett’s Remarkable Recovery from TBI and PTSD through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy “Everything I aspired for was stripped away. But after discovering hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Extivita, I noticed significant improvements...

Mario’s HBOT Experience

Mario’s HBOT Experience A Path to Healing: Former Marine Recovers from PTSD and TBI Through HBOT “After 15 years in the Marine Corps and facing PTSD and physical injuries, daily life was a challenge. HBOT enhanced my memory, eased my anxiety, and offered...

Jesse’s HBOT Experience

Jesse’s HBOT Experience Veteran’s Remarkable Journey From Trauma to Transformation “Struggling with mental clarity and self-medicating, I hit rock bottom. HBOT brought back mental clarity, reduced my anxiety, improved my memory, and diminished my daily...

Simon’s HBOT Experience

“My pain level was so high that I used alcohol and pills, and anything else I could just to get past that. The number one thing that really struggles is your sleep. If your sleep struggles, you struggle. Period. I went got into the chamber for the first time on a whim. And that night I went back to the hotel room and slept 13 hours.”

“There’s an opportunity out there to get out of your sorrow, to get out of your pain, to get out of all the things. Hyperbarics really, really, really provided that for me.”

“We [vets] have a lot of injuries, and hyperbarics gets rid of inflammation. Hyperbarics literally changed my pain level and physical abilities.”

“The biggest thing hyperbarics did for me was give me confidence. Confidence that I don’t need the pills, I don’t need the alcohol, I don’t need to be a jerk to my kids. Hyperbarics gave me that opportunity because it made me start feeling better.”

“HBOT has given us the stepping stones. It’s going to enhance your life to make you enjoy the things that you have.”

“Hyperbarics really gave me my life back.”