Simon’s HBOT Experience

From Battlefield Scars to Renewed Hope: Sergeant Major Simon LeMay’s Remarkable Recovery with HBOT

“There’s an opportunity out there to get out of your sorrow, to get out of your pain, to get out of all the things. Hyperbarics really, really, really provided that for me.”

Simon’s journey with HBOT highlights the transformative power of the treatment, not just in addressing physical ailments but also in healing emotional and mental scars. Through HBOT, Simon was able to reclaim his life, rebuild his relationships, and find a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Simon experienced a significant improvement in his mental clarity. The explosive, agitated, and easily triggered mindset he previously had diminished considerably. He was able to better regulate his emotions, reducing instances of rage and agitation.

Sleep Disorders

After just his first HBOT session, Simon slept for an impressive 13 hours. This deep sleep was a significant change from his previous sleep patterns, indicating a positive effect of the therapy on his sleep disorder.

Dependence on Medication and Alcohol

With the improvements in his mental and physical state post-HBOT, Simon gained the confidence to understand that he didn’t need these substances. The therapy provided him with a natural means to feel better, reducing his dependence on external substances.

Relationships and Emotional Well-being

Post-treatment, Simon’s relationship with his family, especially his wife and children, improved significantly. The therapy not only helped him physically and mentally but also emotionally, enabling him to rebuild and strengthen his relationships.