Two hours after the ligation of the descending branch of the left coronary artery in rabbits the contractile function of the heart decreased, concentration of phosphocreatine, ATP, glycogen dropped, and the content of lactic acid in the ischaemic and intact areas of the left ventricle elevated. Two-hour ischaemia of the myocardium was accompanied by increase of the cAMP and decrease of cGMP levels in the ischaemic and intact areas. Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO, 2 at. abs, 1 h) started 30-40 min after coronary occlusion led to partial restoration of the cardiac contractility function, improvement of the energy and carbohydrate metabolism in the ischaemic and intact areas of the left ventricle and prevented cardiac fibrillation. It is surmised that favourable action of HBO on the functional state of the heart in its acute focal ischaemia is related not only to the antihypoxic effect but also to the rearrangement of the system of neurohormonal control of the heart.

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