Several clinical trials have been reported using Fluosol and oxygen breathing as an adjunct to radiation. Theoretical considerations and animal experiments, however, indicate that a combination of perfluorochemicals and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) increases tumor oxygenation and radiation response to a greater extent than is seen either with a perfluorochemical and normobaric oxygen or with HBO alone. This is the first report of a pilot study of the use of Fluosol and HBO with radiation in humans. Twenty patients with anaplastic astrocytoma or glioblastoma multiforme were treated in a phase I trial of radiation with Fluosol and HBO at three atmospheres. Total Fluosol dose was escalated from 42 ml/kg in six courses to 80 ml/kg in four courses. Patients were irradiated in an HBO chamber with 600 cGy weekly fractions following Fluosol administration. Sixteen patients completed treatment; no interruption was necessitated by treatment toxicity. The addition of Fluosol/HBO did not increase the incidence of HBO related toxicities. No significant chronic toxicities were seen. This pilot study demonstrates that Fluosol and HBO can safely be used as an adjunct to radiation in the treatment of human tumors.

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