The reports deals with the principle and methods of making a two-stage diagnosis of laryngeal tumor evolved on the basis of the data on two calibrated groups of 250 patients each and a computer-supported procedure of mathematical analysis. Two programs for a MC-52 microcalculator are suggested to select the scope of surgical intervention. Such procedures of preoperative radiation therapy as exposure under hyperbaric oxygenation conditions, cutting down the preoperative radiation dosage and shortening the interval between ir radiation course and surgery have been improved. Five improved procedures of saving therapy for tumors of the supraglottic area and four–for glottic cancer were used in 142 patients. The functional and oncological results of saving surgery were evaluated in 458 patients receiving combined treatment for laryngeal tumors. Said results were found to be beneficial.

Bitiutskiĭ, Ol’shanskiĭ, Dar’ialova, Trofimov, Popov, , , , (1993). [Function-sparing surgery in the combined therapy of laryngeal cancer]. Voprosy onkologii, 1993 ;39(7-12):296-300. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7825301