The authors presented the results of study of lymphocytic and adrenal cortical function in preoperative radiotherapy of 38 laryngeal cancer patients in different oxygen regimens: in the air and under the conditions of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO). A method of mean dose fractionation (a single focal dose of 3.3 Gy 3 times a week up to a total dose of 33 Gy) was employed in all the patients. The total lymphocyte count in 1 microliter of the blood, the number of lymphocytes blast transformed as a result of PHA exposure, the number of lymphocytes with a positive reaction to acid phosphatase and blood 11-OCS concentration were examined. Radiation reaction like epitheliitis was shown to be less frequent in patients treated under HBO conditions, the probability of development of epitheliitis in patients with lowered lymphocytic function being higher.

Sokolova, Bitiutskiĭ, Dar’ialova, Repina, Zaslavskaia, , , , (1987). [Functional status of the lymphocytes and adrenal cortex in preoperative radiotherapy of patients with laryngeal cancer exposed to different oxygen conditions]. Meditsinskaia radiologiia, 1987 Jul;32(7):22-4. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3613918