Radiation therapy is often utilized as adjunctive or primary treatment for malignancies of the abdomen and pelvis. Radiation complications are infrequent, but can be life threatening or significantly diminish the quality of life. Radiation necrosis is an approved indication for hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2). Previous publications have reported results in treating delayed radiation injuries involving many sites. This paper reports the experience of a single physician group in treating delayed injuries of the abdomen and/or pelvis. Forty-four such patients have been treated since 1979. Of the 41 patients available for follow up, 26 have healed; 6 failed to heal; and 9 patients had an inadequate course of therapy (fewer than 20 treatments). Especially encouraging was the resolution of fistulae in six of eight patients with only three requiring surgery for closure. Overall, the success rate in patients receiving at least 20 HBO2 treatments was 81%. Hyperbaric oxygen is a useful adjunct in treatment of delayed radiation injuries of the pelvis and abdomen.

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