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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A recent study showed for those with traumatic brain injuries, using hyperbaric oxygen therapy resulted in increased blood flow and more activity in the brain in areas that had been damaged from the injury.

At the Health Oxygen Spa in Burley, they offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the community.

People lay in an enclosed chamber where the atmospheric pressure is raised, increasing the amount of oxygen they are taking in.

The oxygen is able to reach all parts of your body, including the brain, veins, and plasma of your blood.

As you lay in the chamber, the body is able to heal outside wounds as well as inside wounds.

“It’s known for healing wounds on the outside, wounds that you can see, and they said, you know what if it’s healing so well, (the) wounds that you can see, it has to be healing wounds that you can’t see on the inside,” said Registered Nurse Debbie Buckley. “And now it’s just catching on so well all over the country, for those wounds you can’t see, like the depression, like the PTSD.”

This type of therapy has been around for a while but is relatively new to Idaho.

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