On the basis of 2 own patients and 18 cases reported in the literature, clinicopathological features of primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the lung are reviewed. Of the 20 patients (age-range: 14-75 yrs; 13 male, 7 female), 14 underwent resection. Recurrences were noted in 7 of them. 8 patients were free of disease at least 8 months postoperatively, one having undergone successful pulmonary metastasectomy. Postresection disease-free survival ranged from 8 months to 10 years. Adjuvant chemotherapy or irradiation (3/14) did not influence postoperative outcome. After chemotherapy, irradiation or conservative measures alone (6/20) survival did not exceed 12 months; remissions were not reported. The course was fatal within 12 months in 9/20 cases due to distant metastasis or local growth. 1 patient died of tumour-associated hypoglycemia. Age, sex, localization of the tumor and histologic subtype did not influence prognosis. Small tumors, asymtomatic at time of detection probably carry a better prognosis than larger ones.

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