The treatment of oral cancer usually involves extensive resection of the mandible, excision of oro-facial soft tissue and often radiotherapy. This causes difficulty in the subsequent oral rehabilitation. The present paper reports our experience with implant treatment of this patient group. The material comprises 38 implants in 12 patients. Four patients died during follow-up, two before loading the implants. The observation time after implantation was 7 to 47 months with a median of 14 months. Six of the patients had been subjected to preoperative radiation therapy. All 38 implants osseointegrated without complications. It is concluded that healing after implantation in irradiated mandibles can be achieved without hyperbaric oxygen. Provided certain guidelines are complied with i.e. careful surgical technique, use of antibiotics and prolonged period of healing prior to loading of the implants, a radiation dosage of up to 50 Gy appears to be of little significance.

Marker, Siemssen, Bastholt, , , , , , (1997). Osseointegrated implants for prosthetic rehabilitation after treatment of cancer of the oral cavity. Acta oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden), 1997 ;36(1):37-40. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9090963