The total contact cast (TCC) is considered the gold standard for offloading of plantar diabetic foot ulcerations, yet its use remains suboptimal for a variety of reasons. Prefabricated TCC systems have been developed to help enhance TCC use. The primary objective of this study was to determine if healing rates obtained with use of a prefabricated roll-on TCC were similar to those reported with conventional TCC use. Secondary outcomes measured were the incidence of iatrogenic ulceration, amputation, and recurrent ulceration, and patient tolerance of the device. A retrospective chart review was performed on all patients in whom TCC was used for treatment of an ulceration at our institution from April 2013 to December 2016. Seventy patients (132 ulcerations) were identified. An 85.6% healing rate was achieved. Five subjects (7.1%) sustained 11 iatrogenic ulcerations. All resolved with local treatment and continued casting. Thirteen subjects (18.6%) underwent amputation. No amputation occurred because of TCC application technique or use. Fifteen ulcerations (12 subjects, 17.1%) recurred. Greater than 70% resolved with re-initiation of TCC use. Forty-three subjects (61.4%) tolerated use of the prefabricated roll-on TCC. Similar healing rates and reduced rates of iatrogenic ulceration, amputation, and recurrent ulceration were attained with use of a prefabricated roll-on TCC. These results, good patient tolerance, and the reduced administrative and clinical time related to supply acquisition, training, and proper application supports use of this device as a viable alternative to a conventional TCC for treatment of plantar neuropathic foot ulcerations.

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