Radiation enteric disorders are rare and difficult to treat. A case of radiation duodenitis treated by hyperbaric oxygen is reported. A sixty-year-old man underwent right nephroureterectomy, chemotherapy (platin and 5 fluorouracil) and radiation therapy (54 Gy) for excretory urinary carcinoma. Six months later, even though he was under omeprazole therapy for reflux oesophagitis, he experienced antroduodenitis, duodenal ulceration, and duodenal telangiectasia. Symptoms and duodenal ulcer disappeared 2 months later with hyperbaric oxygen (10 one hour sessions at 2 ATA). Most likely, hyperbaric oxygen can reduce the consequences of obliterative endarteritis due to irradiation, responsible for ischaemia and fibrosis later on.

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