Proceeding from an analysis of immediate and short-term results of combined therapy of laryngeal cancer (stage III) patients, the authors compared the efficacy of preoperative irradiation with relation to an oxygen regimen and the level of total focal doses in 3 groups of patients: 23.1 Gy under HBO conditions (the study group), 33 Gy (the 1st control group) and 33 Gy (the 2nd control group) in the air. Dose fractionation was 3.3 Gy at 48 h-interval in all cases. It was shown that a decrease in a dose of preoperative irradiation of laryngeal cancer (stage III) patients from 33 to 23.1 Gy under HBO conditions made no changes in immediate therapeutic results but it ensured noticeable advantages: the reduction of a period of preoperative irradiation and an interval between its discontinuation and operation, and an increase in the rate of first intention healing as a result of a sharp decrease in local radiation reactions.

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