In 150 rabbits by means of histoautoradiographic, histochemical and certain histological methods, reparative processes in the cardiac muscle have been studied at experimental myocardial infarction and its combination with atherosclerosis under various regimes of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO). It has been demonstrated that HBO (pO2–2 kgs/cm2, saturation time–45 min, 3-7 sessions) positively affects the proliferative processes in the ischemic zone, contributes to better preservation of the periinfarction parts of the myocardium and enhances maturation of the scar. If HBO is used in another regime (pO2–1 kgs/cm2, saturation time–30 min, 1-7 sessions), its positive effect on the regenerative processes in the ischemic zone is preserved, while its toxic effect on distant cardiac zones decreases considerably.

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