Revolutionizing Stroke Recovery: Veteran’s Journey with HBOT

Apr 24, 2024

During a stroke, blood flow to parts of the brain is cut off, depriving brain cells of oxygen, which leads to tissue damage and loss of function. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) offers a beacon of hope in such scenarios. By delivering oxygen under increased pressure, HBOT saturates the blood with oxygen, which can reach and repair the damaged brain tissues more effectively.

In Sioux City, the promise of this therapy is vividly illustrated by Jerry Jackson, a 69-year-old veteran who suffered a severe stroke. Post-stroke, Jackson faced significant speech and breathing difficulties. His recovery journey began at Thrive Wellness Center, where he was treated with mHBOT. This FDA-approved treatment facilitates natural healing by enhancing oxygen absorption, significantly improving neurological functions.

When someone has a stroke, it impacts brain function, and cuts off the oxygen leading to tissue damage.

A Siouxland veteran has gotten back on his feet with the help of a new kind of oxygen therapy offered to the general public in Sioux City.

Labor Day weekend was life-changing for 69-year-old Jerry Jackson. He suffered a massive stroke that left him without oxygen for almost 10 minutes.

“I couldn’t hardly talk, you know, couldn’t hardly breathe. You know, a good soldier always pulls through. So I made it,” recalled Jerry.

“When you’re in the chamber, the pressures increase, allowing oxygen to dissolve into your bloodstream more effectively. And that promotes the body’s actual natural healing healing process,” said Nurse Practitioner Amy Pierce.

The soft-sided chambers are approved by the FDA and result in a completely safe increase in oxygen levels through your skin’s tissues.

“Most diseases, and autoimmune disorders and injuries and things like that their oxygen delivery is hindered. So by driving the oxygen into these damaged areas, that does help allow oxygen to reach deeper into tissues, veins, arteries, things like that to reduce the inflammation,” explained Pierce.

It causes the blood plasma to absorb oxygen, increasing blood oxygenation.

They are not the first to bring it to Siouxland as MercyOne Siouxland also offers this type of therapy to treat serious wounds. But Thrive wanted to allow everyone to see the benefits.

“He just gradually progressed better every time he came in. So fourth time he came in, I noticed he started to crack a smile. And then fifth, sixth time, he was cracking jokes. Seventh eighth time, his daughter called us and said, hey, he’s going to our neighbor’s house to play cards,” said Pierce.

A National Institute of Health study shows hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves neuro-cognitive functions of post-stroke patients, just like Jerry.

“From one to 10, I feel like an 8 now, or 10. I’m getting back to myself, and it’s keeping me alive,” said Jerry.

The chamber has also been used to treat acute and chronic conditions, concussions, sports injuries, traumatic brain injury, COVID-related concerns, fatigue, headaches, memory loss, and chronic pain.

Cited By: KTIV

As Jackson’s story demonstrates, HBOT holds transformative potential not only for stroke recovery but also for various acute and chronic conditions. At Extivita, we are dedicated to advancing health through innovative treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Extivita leads the way in hyperbaric oxygen therapy with state-of-the-art facilities featuring hard-shell, multi-person chambers that operate at 2.0 ATA, providing optimal conditions for healing and recovery. Our approach ensures that each patient receives the highest level of care and the best possible outcome from HBOT. We invite stroke survivors and individuals with neurological conditions to explore how HBOT at Extivita can be a pivotal part of their healing journey. 

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