Malvin’s HBOT Experience

From Military Veteran Struggling with PTSD and Chronic Pain to a Healthier, Pain-Free Life Through Extivita’s Longevity Challenge

“After coming to the HBOT program, I noticed energy burst and then it was like my head just cleared after the second week and as it went on, things got just more clear.”

After seeing a commercial about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and with encouragement from his wife, Malvin decided to give it a try. The experience was transformative. He noticed a significant “energy burst” and described a mental “clearing” after the second week of HBOT. His joint function and range of motion improved, and he was able to reduce his pain medication frequency due to decreased pain levels. Malvin experienced a lift from his depressive state, finding himself more energized, engaged, and willing to participate in activities around the house.

Depression and Mental Fog

Malvin experienced a significant lift in his mood and mental clarity. He described it as if a fog had lifted from his mind after the second week of treatment. This newfound clarity allowed him to move past the constant replay of memories and focus on the present.

Post-Surgery Recovery and Weight Loss

While the exact details regarding his post-surgery recovery weren’t explicitly mentioned in relation to HBOT, the overall improvement in his energy levels and mood likely contributed to a more holistic recovery.

Physical Fatigue and Lack of Energy

Malvin noticed a significant energy burst. This newfound energy allowed him to become more active, taking on tasks like yard work and other chores he had previously avoided.

Joint Pain and Arthritis

His joint pain reduced considerably, improving his range of motion. This relief allowed him to decrease his pain medication intake substantially during the program.