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The ‘game-changing’ technology revolutionizing sports

The 'game-changing' technology revolutionising sport: Hyperbaric chambers are helping stars like Vinicius Jnr recover quicker, sleep better and perform at their peak... it's no wonder Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Ronaldo are taking advantage   By OLI GAMP FOR...

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Sports Recovery: Why Athletes Are Resorting To HBOT

Athletes Seek Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Sports Recovery Some of the most innovative and cutting-edge treatments are available for top athletes, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Their extreme training regimens and demanding travel programs creates an...

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Pro Skiers Use Hyperbaric Chamber for Recovery

Living in the land of orthopedic surgeries, locals and visitors alike often find themselves looking for tools to aid in their recoveries. Kacee Picot with cKaceeGo salon in Edwards recently invested in a hyperbaric chamber for her salon after realizing there was a...

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